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Cutting the costs of car use

Some journeys are more convenient by car,  when driving there are things you can do to make the journey more cost-effective.

Car sharing: spread the costs and reduce congestion

Drive to work with a colleague or alternate driving and you can reduce your fuel costs considerably.

Car-pool with two or three other colleagues and you’ll reduce your costs even more.

Car sharing isn’t just for work days

Travelling to social events or shopping, car sharing will save you money on travel and parking costs, reduce the amount of time you spend driving, and give you some company for the journey.

Car sharing isn’t just for drivers

You don't even have to be a drive to car-share. For lots more information, visit liftshare.com – then enter your details and find people in your area you can car share with. It’s a completely free service. Or, if you prefer, you can give us a call on 08700 111 119.

Reduce your fuel costs with ecodriving

Ecodriving is the most energy-efficient form of driving. It will reduce your fuel consumption, and make your journey safer and more comfortable. Ecodriving techniques can really improve traffic flow too.

Here’s what you need to know:

Anticipate traffic flow

  • Get used to reading the road as far ahead as possible so you can anticipate the flow of traffic. Increasing the safety distance between you and the car in front gives you more time to react and helps prevent stop/start traffic congestion.

Maintain a steady speed

  • Drive smoothly, using the highest gear possible at low RPM.

Shift up early

  • Shift to a higher gear at approximately 2,000 RPM when you can. But do take account of the traffic situation and any safety considerations.

Check your tyre pressures frequently

  •  At least once a month; and certainly before driving long distances or at high speed.  Keeping tyres properly inflated lowers safety risks and reduces fuel wastage.

Use your air conditioning and electrical equipment wisely

  • Switch them off as soon as they’re not needed. 

Remove any excess weight

  • Before your journey, to help reduce aerodynamic drag.

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