Thinktravel Travel Training

The Thinktravel Travel Training programme is a bespoke personalised travel training support project aiming to provide one-to-one independent travel training to people in Gloucestershire who are in need of travel support.

The project audience is  individuals aged 16 years or more who may have learning difficulties or physical disabilities and therefore are in need of extra assistance, confidence building and/or training in order to learn to travel independently. The Travel Training programme also aims to work with those who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) and Job Seeker’s in the area in order to help people access more opportunities and travel to work independently.

 As part of the project a range of services are available to individuals including

·        Travel training workshops

·        One-to-one journey planning

·        Buddying to accompany individuals on their journeys

·        Advice on additional projects individuals could benefit from

·        Tailored resources to support individuals with future journeys

·        Train the trainer workshops for individuals (e.g. teachers or support workers) involved in supporting those who require travel training so they can provide ongoing support


Workshops with schools are beginning to take place in early 2017 across a number of schools in Tewkesbury, Gloucester and Cheltenham. 

For more information please contact Sian Fox –

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