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At Thinktravel we want to showcase the benefits of using public transport…

If you usually get to work by car, give the bus or the train a try. Just see how it compares for cost, time and convenience…

Making it easy for you

We’re lucky to have a great public transport network here in Gloucestershire. And it’s getting better all the time. So visiting the county and commuting is easier than ever using local, regional and national bus, coach and train services.

We’ve gathered together the information you’ll need about public transport in the county including; routes and times, as well as the various ticketing options available.

Here are the three biggest reasons to give public transport a go:

1 Save money

If you’re a car driver you know how much the costs mount up: road tax, petrol, parking, servicing and insurance, not to mention the cost of buying or replacing a car. But if you use public transport often –and take advantage of the significant discounts for weekly, monthly and multi-trip tickets – you will save money. Choose the right ticket or pass, and your extra trips could cost you nothing at all.

2 Reduce stress, gain time

We all know how stressful driving can be. With more cars on the road than ever before, it’s getting harder to get anywhere on time.

Using the bus or train can eliminate those kinds of stresses. You won’t have to worry about parking charges or finding a parking space. You can get to your destination faster and fresher too. Best of all, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Take a little ‘me’ time and relax with your newspaper, tablet or phone.

3 The health benefits

Just walking to and from the bus stop will help you towards your recommended 10,000 steps every day (Live Well NHS). And so will walking to work from the bus stop. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always get off a stop or two earlier and get in a few more steps…

Public transport - Next steps

Make your journey easier, check travel times and book your season tickets with these links…

Find your best bus and train options:

South West Traveline website journey planner

Check local bus timetables and multiple ticket deals

Stagecoach Bus website

Plan your train journey and see season ticket prices

National Rail Enquiries

LiftTraining - A personalised travel training programme for adults, enabling independent access to transport

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