Travel Survey

Thinktravel provides travel information and resources, such as maps and guides to help you plan your journeys more sustainably.  The Thinktravel programme aims to increase walking and cycling and reduce single occupancy car trips whilst supporting the local economy.  The Thinktravel programme does this by engaging with the workplace, with schools and colleges, with communities, and with job seekers.

Thinktravel is a smarter travel choices programme designed to help people consider their travel choices and choose more sustainable modes of transport.  It encompasses behavioural and operational initiatives to support a smarter approach to journey planning. 

This Travel Survey aims to find out how people normally travel and how likely they are to consider a new method of travel behaviour using Thinktravel resources. Survey feedback helps us to understand travel behaviour patterns and the propensity for change.  Your feedback will help make improvements to Thinktravel information and resources we provide now and in the future.

By providing your email address you will be entered into our monthly prize draw that we will run between the 1st October 2016 - 31st May 2017.   We will conduct a follow-on survey where appropriate 3-6 months later.  Prizes include a Bike Voucher, Gloucester Quays Shopping Vouchers, FREE Stagecoach Megarider Plus Bus Tickets.


Think ride Cycling gives easy access to town centres & freedom to travel Think walk Feel the health benefits & enjoyment of regular walking Think train Free up your journey time & save on fuel and parking costs Think bus Avoid the jams & parking hassle with your direct route into town Think share Car sharing can cut your travel costs by a minimum of 50% Think electric Fully electric or hybrid cars are well suited to commuting & local trips