North Cotswolds

This page has been produced as part of the Thinktravel Programme. The Programme aims to help you make more sustainable travel journeys especially for short local trips.

To get the most out of your community, this local travel booklet for the North Cotswolds provides tailored  information on travel choices for both new and existing residents. Both booklet and public transport links below provide an overview of travel choices to amenities that are easily accessible and close to the new development at Bourton-on-the-Water and Upper Rissington. 

North Cotswold Local Travel Choices Booklet

802 Bus Service Route Map

802 Bus Service Timetable

Community events

Cycling & Walking

Cycling or walking is inexpensive, healthy, quick & easy! Explore our Bike or Walk sections to plan routes for work & leisure…

Business Benefits

Encouraging employees & customers to travel by sustainable modes can save you money. Download our Workplace Travel Planning Toolkit and find out more…

Public Transport

Free up the time spent on your journey to enjoy reading a book, listening to a show, or texting friends – plan your route now to save time & money…

My Journey

The My Journey tool gives a quick comparison of travel options & costs – then emails your results – try it now…

Think ride Cycling gives easy access to town centres & freedom to travel Think walk Feel the health benefits & enjoyment of regular walking Think train Free up your journey time & save on fuel and parking costs Think bus Avoid the jams & parking hassle with your direct route into town Think share Car sharing can cut your travel costs by a minimum of 50% Think electric Fully electric or hybrid cars are well suited to commuting & local trips