Access to GP Practices in Cheltenham, Gloucester & Tewkesbury Borough

This Thinktravel project aims to identify GP Practices in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury Borough urban centres, that have a need for improved cycle facilities and where GP Practices are supportive of the Thinktravel programme and understand the health benefits of active travel for their staff and patients.

Access to Health - Access to GP Practices will provide each participating surgery with:

  • Contact Practice Managers and introduce them to the scheme concept.
  • Provide Thinktravel promotional information on active travel.
  • Provide 100 copies of the "Bike Healthy".
  • Visit each surgery and do an audit of cycle facilities.
  • Provide free cycle parking.
  • Recommend a local contractor to install the parking.

Further information contact:

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Compare your travel options & costs

Compare your travel options & costs

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