Cut congestion, help support the local economy, reduce carbon emissions as well as improve your health.

Car sharing

Carshare Gloucestershire offers individuals the opportunity to share journeys with others making similar journeys.  Car sharing will save you money.

Recently we have introduced Parish Lift for communities across the West Cotswolds! 

The cost of travelling by car

The average worker in the UK commutes over 4,000 miles a year. That works out at an average annual fuel cost of over £700.

Some of the big car sharing benefits

  • Save money on daily wear and tear as well as fuel
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Meet new work colleagues
  • Lower commuting stress

So what do Gloucestershire car sharers have to say?

“It’s equivalent to a £2,500 pay rise”. “The cost of fuel makes the case for car-sharing overwhelming. I estimate my car share keeps about £150 a month in my pocket that would otherwise glug down my filler cap. At typical levels of taxation, that’s equivalent to a salary rise of £2,500.” Norman


"It’s like a £2,500 pay rise. 
The cost of fuel makes the case for car-sharing overwhelming."


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