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If you already own a motorbike, you probably don’t need too many excuses to get out for a ride. But this is a big one:

A recent study by the RAC estimated that for the average commuter, travelling by motorbike rather than car, saves three hours a week.

Go on… get the bike out

It saves time and it’s cheaper than travelling by car. More fun too. And increasingly, employers are doing their bit to encourage you to leave the car at home and get to work another way. Lots of local employers already have locker facilities for motorbike riders and cyclists; some have showers – and some even provide secure motorcycle parking. They’re helping to make the motorbike an easy, practical option.

But if your employer doesn’t have any of these facilities, do ask. Most employers are keen to do more to make the daily commute easier for workers.

The cost of the car versus the cost of the motorbike

The cost of travelling by motorbike is much lower than the cost of travelling by car. So how much can you save?

  • The cost of a return journey from Oxford to London by car is £13.57. It’s just £4.67 by motorbike.
  • The cost of license, lessons and tests will be around £1000 and takes 12 weeks for car drivers.Bikers have it easier and cheaper. Lessons take a day. And the total cost is just £170.
  • An annual commute of 2,906 miles costs £461 by car. Travelling by motorbike brings that down to £113 – a saving of £348 a year!
  • The average cost of insuring and taxing a motorbike is much cheaper too.

Next steps

The car isn’t the only way to commute. Try the My Journey calculator and see how much cheaper your commute could be...

There’s lots of useful biking information for you too, from basic rider safety information to motorcycling in Gloucestershire, by way of the BMF and MCN: 

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 Save £348 on an
Annual commute.

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