Bike It

Inspiring young riders

Make sustainable travel our future

One of the key aspects of the Thinktravel bid was to work with students and children to create a legacy of encouraging them from a young age to enjoy sustainable transport and the benefits it brings.

Bike It!

The Bike It programme (operated by UK charity Sustrans) goes into local schools to teach children how to cycle safely and responsibly, helping them get fitter and healthier in the process.

How has Sustrans Bike It Plus project made a difference?

Here's the summary for participating schools after 2 years of engagement, but we've not yet reached 20% of pupils regularly cycling to school.

* Cycling saw 14.6% of pupils regularly cycle to school, an increase of 2.5% from the baseline.

* Active Travel in Gloucestershire is at 64.8% of pupils usually travelling to school actively, an increase of 5.5% from the baseline.

* Driving/Car Use has decreased by 4%.

The Bike It Plus Programme has been replaced by Modeshift STARS, the national sustainable travel accreditation scheme.  Modeshift are delivering the schools engagement programme in 2016/17.

Think ride Cycling gives easy access to town centres & freedom to travel Think walk Feel the health benefits & enjoyment of regular walking Think train Free up your journey time & save on fuel and parking costs Think bus Avoid the jams & parking hassle with your direct route into town Think share Car sharing can cut your travel costs by a minimum of 50% Think electric Fully electric or hybrid cars are well suited to commuting & local trips