Prevent bike theft!

Keep you bike secure

Bicycle Security

Here are a few tips to help you keep your bike secure.

  • Always lock your bike even if you are just popping into the shops for 30 seconds.
  • Lock your bike in a busy, well lit, public place to a fixed object such as a ‘Sheffield’ cycle parking stand. Ideally, where there are CCTV cameras in operation. Please be considerate of other pedestrians when locking up your bike, don’t block walkways or paths.
  • Learn how to lock your bike securely. Be sure to lock the frame and both wheels to the cycle parking stand.
  • Lock your bike up securely at home as well as when you are out and about.
  • Bikes can get stolen from communal hallways, gardens and sheds.
  • Buy a good quality lock. Cheap locks are a false economy.
  • Use a strong primary lock to secure your bike to whatever you are attaching your bike to (such as cycle parking, railings etc.) A cable lock is a good second lock for securing other parts of the bike but can be cut through quite easily.


Types of Bike Lock

D-locks - Heavy and rigid steel locks in the shape of a ‘D’ or ‘U’ act as a deterrent for bike thieves and often come with a bracket for mounting to your bike when cycling and are a more secure type of lock than the simple cable lock.

Cable locks - Basic and coiled cables offer a low level of security and should be used in combination with heavier duty locks to secure wheels or saddle.

Chain and padlock - Although heavier to carry around, the chain and padlock can provide a secure locking solution.

Sold Secure Rating - There is a three tier security grading system developed by Sold Secure which is used by many insurance companies and some locks are graded using a bronze, silver and gold system.


Other Security Measures

Register Your Bike - Register your bike with BikeRegister or Immobilise using the serial number on the frame and any distinguishing marks. Take some photos for your records. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is highly recommended and can be purchased from or

Insurance - Consider insuring your bike either as part of your home contents insurance or for more expensive bikes a separate specialist cover may be appropriate. Make sure your policy includes thefts away from home.

If your bike is stolen you can check on the Gloucestershire Police pinterest site to see if they have recovered it. Site updated weekly.


Did you know?

Gloucestershire Constabulary are now selling alarmed locks from the reception desk at Gloucester Central Police Station.

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