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The money secured from the Department for Transport made so many new projects possible. And you’ll find out lots more information about these below.

How did we choose?

With so many options on the table, how did we choose which to develop?

We were looking for schemes that:

  • Encouraged new sustainable travel options,
  • Promoted local active travel journeys to support & enhance Gloucestershire's economy,
  • Improved existing sustainable travel options

We’ll tell you more about the specific kinds of initiatives we’ve been able to fund below. And there’s plenty more to come. 

We have been awarded additional funding for 2015/16 to work with even more workplaces throughout the county, formalise station travel plans and encourage visitors to Gloucester for the Rugby World Cup.

Some of Gloucestershire’s sustainable travel projects

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Thanks to LSTF2 funding we are able to offer workplace travel planning to businesses all over Gloucestershire.  Support can include sustainable travel day events and mentoring/coaching on specific issues such as travel plans, parking issues or creating a travel plan.

If you would like some help with encouraging sustainable travel please email the Thinktravel team:

Station Travel Plans are currently being created for Cheltenham, Gloucester and Lydney.  Additionally the plans for Ashchurch for Tewkesbury and Cam & Dursley will be completed.  A number of interactive stakeholder events have taken place and surveys at each station in order to better understand the specific situation at each site.

LSTF2 funding has been used to help support England Rugby in the creation of a Kingsholm venue travel plan.  The funding enabled us to work work closely together in order to make the World Cup a success. Travel experts were made available on match day to help organise and plan traffic flow. 

LiftTraining (Learning independence for travel) provides free travel training for adults with physical and/or learning disabilities. It encourages confidence and independence when using public transport. The practical 1:1 training is carried out on the actual routes the learner wants to use.

LiftTraining has already provided support for a number of people.  You can read the case studies or the newsletter for more information.

If you are interested in LiftTraining or know someone who might benefit, then please visit or contact the team at

We’re working with a Bike It Officer from Sustrans to deliver the Bike It Programme in local schools. As well as promoting cycle training, we’re organising activities and events for pupils which fit in with individual schools’ needs. It’s all helping encourage more children to travel to school using active and sustainable modes.

If you’re at a local school and would like to get involved in the programme – or you know a school that would – please contact us at: to express your interest.

People who are thinking about getting a bike to work can take a loan of a bike for 8 weeks, with this comes a lock and lights, a speedometer and a helmet.  Leave a deposit and use the bike for the agreed amount of time.  At the end of the period you can have the opportunity to buy the bike at a reduced rate.

For more details please visit the bike loan scheme information page

We have secured government funding to install electric vehicle charging points around Gloucestershire which will help form part of the Source West charging network.

4 rapid chargers have been installed across Gloucestershire near to the existing road network to enable travel across the county and beyond.

6 fast chargers are to be installed in Cheltenham and Gloucester:

  • Regent Arcade (Cheltenham) - installed
  • Arle Court P&R 
  • Montpellier Street (Cheltenham)
  • Cheltenham Town Centre East - installed
  • Westgate Street car park (Gloucester)
  • Eastgate rooftop car park (Gloucester)

Thinktravel has awarded nearly £60,000 in business travel grants to local businesses, with most funding being used to install or upgrade cycle parking.

Local businesses have offered over £250,000 of matched financial commitments to help deliver infrastructure, promote sustainable transport schemes, provide cycle training, and enable flexible working.

These improvements will be available to over 16,000 staff and 4,000 students county-wide. The first & second phase of grants have been so successful that we also completed a third and final phase in 2014.

Thinktravel has finished working in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury borough to deliver Personalised Travel Planning.

Personalised travel planning is a well-established tool which encourages people to think harder about the travel choices they make.  We have combined this with a number of community based events to really help people make informed travel decisions.

You can read the executive summary of the Cheltenham PTP below:

Cheltenham PTP

The programme in Gloucester engaged with 10,369 households (5 minute interview, detailed visits, evaluation visits and community events) and achieved 7% modal shift globally, away from single occupancy car use across all participating areas (however this changes to 10% with the inclusion of detailed visits).

You can read the full report of the Gloucester PTP below:

Gloucester PTP

We also gave local people jobs as Travel Advisors – who were all trained to discuss residents’ current travel patterns and give advice on any available alternatives.

The Bike Hub study investigated the most appropriate kind of cycle hub/hire facilities for Gloucester and Cheltenham.

The study included four days of public consultation in Cheltenhan and Gloucester on the ‘cycle hub’ project. Members of the public gave their views on the best form of cycle hub (online, fully secure cycle parking etc) and where they would like to see the hub located.

The public consultation also highlighted key areas of the cycle network that could be improved, via infrastructure upgrades and the provision of new linkages.

Stakeholders were also taken into consideration; workshops took place with members of Gloucestershire County Council, Gloucester City Council, Cheltenham Borough Council, Road Safety, cycling specialists, cycling campaign groups and not for profit organisations such as Gloucestershire Bike Project/Vision 21.

The report outlined a long-term plan for the provision of secure cycle parking with an onus on supporting cyclists.  A pop up hub that can be used to hold events has been purchased – and with the support of Gloucestershire Bike Project (providing Dr Bike and information sessions) we have completed a number of events at workplaces, community days and around the centres of Gloucester and Cheltenham.

A cycling vision for Gloucestershire has been created to make sure cycling is taken into consideration during all stages of development and planning in the future.

We have also completed a barriers to cycling study that is being extended to other rural areas of Gloucestershire to determine what prevents people from cycling and suggested route improvements.

Both of these reports have helped feed into the Local Transport Plan which is currently out for public consultation.

Maps have been produced as part of the Personalised Travel Planning work highlighting the proximity of general services, bus routes and walking times for areas in Cheltenham and Gloucester. The intention is to help people see just how close they are to local amenities, and help them plan their journeys better.

To see the maps please visit the My community page 

Multi-operator bus maps have been produced for Cheltenham and Gloucester. The maps highlight key services with routes and frequencies, depending on the time of the week. There is also a town/city centre map, showing exactly where to catch your desired bus.

Cheltenham Bus Map

Gloucester Bus Map

The A435 corridor between Bishops Cleeve and Cheltenham has long been considered for improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure but there have not been opportunities to address it before. Although people do cycle to work along the heavily trafficked roads, local employers are sure many more would join them if there were some bespoke cycle routes. The County Council are working closely with businesses and Sustrans to devise the best route for people to walk and cycle between the two settlements – avoiding the busy roads. And that should, in turn, reduce the traffic, with people knowing they can leave the car at home and walk or ride.

To aid the evaluation process of the Cheltenham transport plan and other regeneration and sustainable travel projects in Gloucestershire, we have undertaken a range of traffic surveys to understand the before-and-after impact on the wider highway network. This data will also be used to update the Council’s strategic transport model. Once updated the model has a 5 year shelf-life and will aid decisions regarding future development throughout the county.

As part of the Kings Quarter regeneration project, Thinktravel wants to create a more modern, more attractive bus station – making it a better gateway to the city.

Navigability from the railway station will be improved with signage and walkways, forming part of a welcoming link, with an enhanced pedestrian crossing over Bruton Way to the bus station, and on to the Kings Quarter and the city centre. The new bus station will potentially include an information centre, waiting area, shops and toilets.

Additional cycle signage and essential maintenance on existing cycle signage has taken place in Gloucester and Cheltenham to help highlight routes to key areas.

Over 200 new cycle parking stands have also been erected across the county.

The locations were chosen based on research into those areas that were likely to generate a lot of retail based trips. We also took into account the current use of cycle parking, the amount of spaces currently available and the impact on thoroughfares.

As part of the ongoing work in Cheltenham to promote sustainable transport and to encourage economic growth (via tourism and local shopping) we have introduced a system of finger signs, combined with pedestrian information points containing local maps and information.

Work has been ongoing to improve the cycle network within Cheltenham and Gloucester.  This ranged from new lighting to cutting back vegetation or removing infrastructure that hinders a cyclists progress and is not needed.

To suggest an area or route that needs improving please contact the Thinktravel team:

Projects – Next steps

Or Looking for more information? You can download our Lift Training project flyer: Or contact us with any questions.

Lift Training Flyer

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