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What is Thinktravel?

Thinktravel is a Department for Transport (DfT) funded initiative that gives you information about sustainable travel options like walking, cycling, using the bus and train, or car sharing.

There are lots of benefits from using more active, sustainable forms of travel. A few simple changes can help us:

  • Get healthier
  • Save money
  • Make our streets safer
  • Improve the air quality in our cities
  • Contribute to a better, healthier place to live, work and relax.
  • Support economic growth through sustainable travel

A list of initiatives that are available in Gloucestershire can be seen here.  The list also contains a summary of projects we have already completed. 

Sensible ideas informed by residents feedback

Our projects are underpinned by high quality research that identifies people’s travel behaviour, and takes account of their travel problems and concerns. So you’ll find plenty of practical, sensible ideas and initiatives on these pages. .

Local investment in sustainable travel

Gloucestershire County Council was successful in their initial funding bid for almost £5 million from the DfT (as part of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund) for the Cheltenham and Gloucester sustainable travel project.  This project has been continued and is now available countywide through 2015/16 by another successful application for LSTF2 funding and focused on ensuring the World Cup was a success, working with businesses to help alleviate travel issues and creating station travel plans for all principle railway stations in Gloucestershire. 

The project also encourages economic growth and the promotion of health living – linking in with the Cheltenham Civic Pride, Gloucester regeneration projects and other internal departments including public health . Its key aims include: promotion of walking, cycling, car sharing, and use of public transport, along with support for car clubs and electric car charging points.

Find out more…

Please do contact us if you’d like to find out more about any aspect of the Cheltenham and Gloucester sustainable travel bid, or the project itself. 

This is currently how people within Gloucestershire travel to work.  We are aiming to increase the percentage share of the sustainable travel methods. 

Think Travel – Next steps 

There’s plenty more information here for you... everything you need to know about our winning bid – and all the documents relating to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund: 

Gloucestershire's bid to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund

Collection of DfT documents about the LSTF


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Think ride Cycling gives easy access to town centres & freedom to travel Think walk Feel the health benefits & enjoyment of regular walking Think train Free up your journey time & save on fuel and parking costs Think bus Avoid the jams & parking hassle with your direct route into town Think share Car sharing can cut your travel costs by a minimum of 50% Think electric Fully electric or hybrid cars are well suited to commuting & local trips